Bear wants to know what Crow knows
Crow knows how to survive and thrive
She rides time like
a surfer rides a wave
Crow teaches adaptability
Crow speaks:
Watch this, see what is reflected in my eye?
Now fly inside
Feel this, be this,
Now, do it all backwards
Go for the shiny things, you know,
Like the things you are attracted to
Become that, now let it go
Hey, I’m over here, are you listening?
What is in your peripheral vision?
See the landscape mirrored in my eye?
See yourself? You are in me, I am in you
Now lets fly in, and out, and back again,
Now sideways
Of course it doesn’t make sense
No questions! This ain’t a brain thing,
It’s a heart thing, a soul thing, an all or No thing
Feel that lifting sensation?
That’s your heart coming into alignment
Go toward the lifting sensation, sideways
Never approach what you want head on
Sideways is best, that’s it, you got it,
Now own it.
You adapt by owning your place in the world
No matter the when of it or the where of it
This time that time all time no time – Chronos
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