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Group Explorations

Awaken Amplify and Sustain your Inner Artist

What can you and your group expect?

  • Celebrating differences: Beyond just tolerating differences, workshop participants experience the power of multiple perspectives, approaches, ways of seeing, and learn to truly celebrate the diversity of each participant’s contribution.
  • Creativity: Individually and collectively, participants are able to explore new approaches to creative work and find  new ways to give expression to their unique world view.
  • Trust and Respect: Through the shared experience of making art together, groups develop a new level of trust and respect for each others’ unique expression and creativity.
  • Whole-Brain Approach:  Participants learn to access more of their right-brain thinking skills  and uncover the power of image, feeling, and color in creative expression.
  • Risk Taking: Participants are able to take risks in a safe environment and learn the power of trying new approaches, and of turning things named “failure” into riches.
  • Stress Management: The art-making process and the thoughtfulness required take participants to a place of deep stillness, resulting in a sense of renewal and reduced stress that can be carried into daily practice.

All you need is a glue stick, scissors, magazines, your imagination, and a willingness to explore the visual language of your heart. I will share practical exercises for opening the deep-rooted creative knowledge within you. You will gain tools to magnify your creative impulses and to help overcome avoidance and fear that may come up when doing something new and creative. Along with practical tools and dialogue, we will make a story collage and a creative art guardian action figure. No experience in the arts is necessary. I will provide all materials needed.  You are what you art and what you art is important.

  • 3  Hours  are needed for this process.
  • Cost is $975.00 + travel expenses which may include air fare, shipping of materials, gas, lodging and/or car rental, depending on the location of your retreat, conference, or meeting place. There will be a $5.00 materials fee added for each participant. This $975.00 is calculated for 20 participants or less. Each additional 10 participants please add $300.00 + $5.00 materials fee for each person.
  • 4 Hours are needed for this process if there are more than 20 participants in the group.

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