The Forest Temple of the Twilight Moon

Here is the story:

It was early evening in late summer. The scent of sun warmed blackberries wafted in the soft air as the two friends set out for a walk in the woodland. They strolled through the flowers and herbs and then the ferns and trees. They were out on a walk to relax, breathe the fragrant summer air, and enjoy each other’s company. They noticed an unfamiliar path and decided to see where it led. The friends came to a small hill with a natural grouping of roots that looked like steps leading upward. At the top of the steps stood two very tall enormous trees creating a kind of doorway. There was a soft light coming from the doorway. The steps were wide enough for the girls to walk side by side. They were both curiously excited but not afraid. The two began to climb the root steps. When they reached the threshold between the trees they could see that the glow of light they had seen, was moonlight from the abundantly full and rising moon.
As they stood there in the moon’s magical light they heard the sound of buzzing like that of a thousand honeybees. As they were wondering what it was, the girls were feeling very uncontrollably giddy and light hearted. They looked at each other with wide eyes and began to laugh. Just then they began to lift off the ground. They floated and twirled in the moon’s light, content and happy. The moon continued to rise. Her light began to be obscured by the leaves of the trees. The girls slowly floated back to earth. Experiencing the magic of the twilight moon in the forest was a gift the friends never forgot.
They were never able to find the path to the forest temple again but the experience enriched their lives and their friendship for the rest of their days.

This print is a digitally mastered ink jet copy of the original art. My Giclées are in limited number editions of 70. They are museum quality and printed on 100% rag paper with archival ink.

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