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Fox Finds Her Soul Song
One day while playing her favorite forest tune
Fox began to lean into the music when a door
opened inside herself. This is how it can happen.
She stepped sideways through the door into
trust and the next thing she knew, she was inside
the notes of her music. She had a dream-like
sensation of leaving her old limited self behind.
She was carried away by a new sense of
connection to her music and to everyone and
everything around her. The feeling was
exhilarating. Everyone who was there felt it too.
Fox transported herself and all who were listening.
They were all carried away inside themselves to a
place of joy and healing. Music can do this.
It can take you to your very own soul song.

Card is blank with title, information, and poetry on the back. Card is printed on recycled paper and is a standard 5 x 7 size. Envelope is included.

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