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Ganesh’s Daughter
One of Sri Ganesh’s attributes as a god is his ability to remove
obstacles from his devotee’s path. Ganesh’s daughter likes to
put the obstacles back where they were. She thinks that in the
long run it saves time.
One day Ganesh’s daughter is having a talk with her friend
Raven Crow. Ganesh’s daughter wonders aloud “what if those
obstacles hold unforeseen treasures?” She asks Raven Crow
“what if the obstacles are not obstacles after all, maybe they are
really opportunities or perhaps a portal to higher
consciousness? Maybe the obstacles are not as solid or
substantial as people think they are and they need to figure
this out for themselves. Because, if they don’t figure it out, the
obstacle always comes back. It may look different but it is the
same obstacle.”
Raven Crow says “yes, perception is a tricky thing. What you
are seeing may not be what you are looking at. In fact, I can see
in two directions at once, which makes it possible to see in
between things where nothing is at it appears to be. Moving in
between things is a great way to get around obstacles.”
“Exactly!” exclaims Ganesh’s daughter. What seems
impenetrable is really an illusion. See this green wall of chaos
blocking my way? I can step in it and through it, like this.”
After a few minutes Raven Crow is able to catch his breath
and says, “well, that was a bit of a squeeze but I feel pretty good
now.” Ganesh’s daughter says “yeah but it was worth it, right?
Think of all the time we just saved.”

Card is blank with title, information, and poetry on the back. Card is printed on recycled paper and is a standard 5 x 7 size. Envelope is included.

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