Raven Dream

Here is the story:

Crow returned home dreaming a Raven Dream,
a big dream full of promise and gifts,
full of hope and renewal, light and warmth.
It was a power dream of strength and courage.
A way of seeing multi dimensionally
while standing firmly grounded in personal power.
A way to survive in troubled times.

Crow is pretty smart and knows that
when you take a Raven Dream seriously,
the Raven Dream will take you seriously.

So, Crow took the Raven Dream to heart.
She danced the dream, sang the dream,
painted the dream, acted out the dream,
and she gave the dream away.
The dream gift multiplied in the telling and sharing
and became a part of other peoples lives and stories,
no longer a dream, but, a reality.

Crow continues to have Raven Dreams,
and she continues to pay attention to them
and they continue to pay attention to her.

The Story Poem is included with the print.

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