DK36 She Calls To The Soul Seeds DK36


She calls to the Soul Seeds
dancing at the edge of the Universe
light sparking light – sparking life

Soul Seeds walking in God Mind
full of sensations and yearnings
full of desire and dreaming

She calls them home
and they come because they are in love
they follow her sacred voice

to the land of water
the holy land of water
where spirit and matter weave life

She calls to them – life time after life time
until they remember why they are here
until they remember where they come from

until they know who they really are and
they know her song by heart
the sound that resonates with all life –

The joy of being alive – here
in this precious sacred blue jewel of the Universe
the only one there is – called Earth

Card is blank with title, information, and poetry on the back. Card is printed on recycled paper and is a standard 5 x 7 size. Envelope is included.

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