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The Meeting
Coyote got a call from Rabbit to meet her at “the rock”.
Rabbit didn’t explain why, she just said it was important.
Coyote remembered the last time they met at “the rock”.
That time Coyote had been driving along and saw Rabbit
leaning and straining against a huge rock. Coyote was
born curious and had to find out what Rabbit was doing.
“Boy am I glad you are here” said Rabbit. “I need your help.
The sky is falling and if I don’t hold this rock up it will fall
on all our people”. Rabbit was very convincing. Coyote was
worried and said “i want to help”. “If you press here with all
your weight, I’ll run and get a stick to wedge and hold the
rock up” Rabbit said. “Okay” said Coyote, and she traded
places with Rabbit. Rabbit took off lickety-split. Coyote held
the rock up and waited, and waited and waited for Rabbit
to return. It was getting late and the stars were starting to
come out. It was then that Coyote knew that the sky wasn’t
really falling and that Rabbit had played another trickon
her. Coyote arrives at the meeting very cautiously. This time
she is not falling for any of Rabbit’s tricks. She has brought
her own bag of tricks, just in case.
Now where is that tricky Rabbit, and what is so important?

Card is blank with title, information, and poetry on the back. Card is printed on recycled paper and is a standard 5 x 7 size. Envelope is included.

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