The Tree of Life Imagines

Here is the story:

She sings into being the tree of life, calling forth the souls of the earth, igniting the living imagination
Sparking all life to imagine it’s self, as the great Mother sings, calling forth the awakening of the heart of matter to become it’s full potential,
what will bud in the imagination of those who are born of earth and stars? The Tree of Life imagines
There is the life affirming notion, that we are the key to the vital cellular knowing of the interconnectedness of all life, here and now.
Imagination is the life force of creation and becoming. We are beholden to each other and all living things. We are beholden to all the elements, to all the earth,
water, air, and fire, to take this next step of imagination. The Tree of Life imagines
She calls us home with her song of belonging. We belong here. We have purpose – to imagine ourselves as holy. Where we stand is holy. All who walk and crawl and fly and swim, and whose roots travel the earth and whose branches and leaves reach for the sun and sky, these are holy. This is a liminal time, imagine it. Come home, wide open and heart free. The Tree of Life imagines, Everything

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