Every thing I am creating in the studio these days is about taking care of our earth home and honoring the creatures and humans who live upon her. I am worried about our future. I am creating healing images because this is what I do when I am heart sick. It is as if my images are trying to cheer me up, to give me hope, letting me know that it will be okay, eventually. Lots of Bears are entering my dreaming.
I turn to Bear wisdom. Bear symbolizes the state of our world to me. She is the steward of the threshold of something new. He is the keeper of the Earth’s wild soul. She is the path finder. He holds the knowledge and the memory of the ancient stones. Bear dwells in the hidden cave deep within my animal heart, nurturing and strong. Bear is ever present in my work right now. For this I am grateful. I need the grounded strength of Bear on a daily basis as I look upon the world and wonder how to keep my faith in humanity with regard to the deeds they do and do not do.
Even though I am a worrier I am also a warrior – of magic and imagination. I will not let go of what I want to see in the world and what I believe is possible for our future. I will continue to create as much beauty and kindness and love as I can. I am aware of how important it is for me and all of us to keep working even when we don’t feel like it. I will also continue to stay informed and sign petitions and call my representatives too. We must all keep our voices strong and advocate for what we believe.I dreamed last night that I was displaying my art work at the Oregon Country Fair (like I use to do) I walk away from my booth and when I come back there is a bald eagle digging with its talons in the dirt floor of my booth and as I try to see what she is doing I see a crow digging there as well. I have no idea what they are trying to find or perhaps they are burying something. Maybe it is a treasure that I might uncover later in my art work. I love animal dreams.
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